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Magnolia'Kay Parris' 20cm pot

Magnolia'Kay Parris' 20cm pot


‘Kay Parris’ is a beautiful compact evergreen small tree with dark glossy green large leaves with a slight wavy edge to the leaf. The underside of the leaf is a vibrant velvety brown. It produces large white fragrant flowers usually in Summer & Autumn but will flower through-out the year. 4m tall and 2m wide in the first 10 years and can potentially grow bigger. It likes full sun and well drained soil.


    Plants are guaranteed to be free of pest and disease at time of delivery. Returns will only be accepted if there is an identifiable issue with the stock at time of delivery.


    Plants will be delivered via in house transport. You will be contacted via email with a delivery date. Please advise if you have any specific delivery requirements.

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